New features (computer diagnostics and video endoscope)

06.10.2017 14:43

New features (computer diagnostics and video endoscope)

We continue to develop: we acquired new equipment for computer diagnostics and a video endoscope. Now our masters have the opportunity to inspect hard-to-reach places of the car!



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07.06.2011 18:09

First Service Centers Meeting

First organizational meeting of driveshafts-repairing service centers was held.

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02.02.2011 18:09

New Price List

An updated price list is available.

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02.12.2010 09:57

New High-Precision Computer Balancing in Minsk

New Troll WN-04 balancing machine is installed in Minsk.

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17.11.2010 10:36

Balancing Machine for Sale.

МС 9733-3П balancing machine for sale.

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06.10.2010 18:09

New Service Center

New service center opened in St Petersburg.

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02.08.2010 18:09

Grokard Ltd Anniversary

Grokard Ltd is turning 10 this year.

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22.09.2009 18:09

Repair of Imported Agricultural Machinery Parts Offered

We carry out repairs of parts of European and American brands of agricultural machinery.

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13.02.2009 18:09

Product Range Expansion

Grogard Ltd is now expanding its product range.

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01.11.2008 01:49

European Driveshaft Services Network — EDS

As of 01.11.2008, Grokard Ltd has become a part of  EDS European Driveshaft Services network.

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02.04.2008 01:49

New Service Station

New driveshaft service station opened in Krasnodar.

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