Selling Driveshafts With Refernce to Serial Numbers

23.03.2012 18:09

Selling Driveshafts With Refernce to Serial Numbers

Grokard Ltd offers driveshafts for imported vehicles with reference only to original serial numbers. This is valid for Iveco, MAN, DAF, and Mercedes vehicles.

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07.06.2011 18:09

First Service Centers Meeting

First organizational meeting of driveshafts-repairing service centers was held.

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02.02.2011 18:09

New Price List

An updated price list is available.

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02.12.2010 09:57

New High-Precision Computer Balancing in Minsk

New Troll WN-04 balancing machine is installed in Minsk.

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17.11.2010 10:36

Balancing Machine for Sale.

МС 9733-3П balancing machine for sale.

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06.10.2010 18:09

New Service Center

New service center opened in St Petersburg.

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02.08.2010 18:09

Grokard Ltd Anniversary

Grokard Ltd is turning 10 this year.

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22.09.2009 18:09

Repair of Imported Agricultural Machinery Parts Offered

We carry out repairs of parts of European and American brands of agricultural machinery.

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13.02.2009 18:09

Product Range Expansion

Grogard Ltd is now expanding its product range.

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01.11.2008 01:49

European Driveshaft Services Network — EDS

As of 01.11.2008, Grokard Ltd has become a part of  EDS European Driveshaft Services network.

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02.04.2008 01:49

New Service Station

New driveshaft service station opened in Krasnodar.

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