Reparing of cardan shafts

Our possibilites:

  1. Professional repair of cardan shafts of all producers (DAF, MAN, MB, SCANIA, SETRA, RENAULT, VOLVO).
  2. A wide stock of spare parts for cardan shafts of the European producers.
  3. A number of substitute cardan shafts for MB, FORD Transit, IVECO and ect.
  4. Concluding contracts with cargo carriers and service companies.
  5. Making full set of documents for accounting report.

    Professional reparing of cardan shafts:
Кернение крестовины
  • Finding out all the defects of the shaft within an hour.
  • Proposing technically sound decision.
  • Changing mounted cross-pieces (u-joints) by curling

Кернение крестовины
Изменение длинны карданного вала
Изменение длины карданного вала
  • Streightening a bented cardan shaft.
  • Changing length of a cardan shaft according to Our necessity.
Шлицевое соединение MANШлицевое соединение МАЗ Шлицевое соединение MB
Шлицевое соединение MBШлицевое соединение УниверсальноеШлицевое соединение Scania
  • Changing splined joints.
  • Replacing splined shafts for mounting a center bearing.
    Неподвижное шлицевое соединение и подвесной подшипник
Балансировочный станок
  • Balancing cardan shafts according with ISO 1940.
  • Balancing cardan shafts with length till 4200 mm, with up to two bearings.
  • Balancing machine МС 9733-ЗП.
Замена сварного узла карданного вала
  • Changing welded joint of cardan shaft.
  • A stock of cross-pieces (u-joints) and central bearings almost for all types of machinery;

Запасные части к карданным валам

  • We take responsibility for our work.